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W. Keetoowah Circle Tahlequah, OK 74464

The UKB Election Board​ is comprised of five Keetoowah tribal members that are selected to uphold the integrity of the tribe and assure that candidates adhere to the 2012 UKB Election Ordinance. In 2020, ALL FOUR OFFICER seats and ALL NINE DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE seats are up for election.

ELECTION DAY is November 2, 2020! Must be 21 or older to vote. To see the full election ordinance, please click the seal.

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Polling Sites

Canadian voters report to Warner Senior Citizens Center located at 802 3rd Avenue in Warner.

Cooweescoowee voters report to Emmanuel Baptist Church located at 808 E. Muskogee Avenue in Claremore. 

Delaware voters report to the Jay Senior Citizens Center located at 816 S. Main in Jay.

Flint voters report to the Stilwell Community Building located at 320 N. 6th Street in Stilwell.

Goingsnake voters will have two sites for voting. Voters can visit Oaks City Hall at 128 E. Sequoyah Dr. in Oaks or Maryetta Public School at 470819 E. 810 Rd. in Stilwell.

Illinois voters will need to report to the Cookson Hills Center located at 32087 Highway 82 S. in Cookson.

Saline voters report to VFW across from New Jordan Church located at N. 4428 Kenwood Rd. near Salina.

Sequoyah voters report to the Sallisaw Nutrition Center at 115 W. Redwood in Sallisaw.

Tahlequah voters report to the UKB Wellness Center located at 18529 W. Keetoowah Circle in Tahlequah.

Election Day Info

To be eligible to vote, Keetoowahs must be 21 or older by the Nov. 2 election day, have been an exclusive Keetoowah member for at least six months, be a resident or affiliated with a particular district and be listed in the official Voter List in the district of which the member wishes to vote. They must also present their Keetoowah ID on the day of the election to verify identity. 

NO new enrollees will be allowed to vote if they were not registered by July 2020.


According to the Keetoowah Election Ordinance, an eligible voter residing in the territory known as the “Old Cherokee Nation” will be allowed to vote in the district in which they have resided for a period of three months prior to the election. 

If the Keetoowah has changed residences in the three months prior to voting, they will “not be entitled to vote in the new district” until the next election. Instead, voters must vote in the old district of which their name appears on the Voters List. 

No absentee voting shall be permitted.


However, voters who live out of the Old Cherokee Nation boundaries can choose a district in which to vote if they can physically be present in that district to vote on election day. A written statement or email must be sent to the Tribal Secretary to declare which district the voter wishes to vote. For voters with physical disabilities, precinct workers will be on hand at each polling place to assist with the voting process. 

Candidate List

Chief Candidates: 

Donald Adair, Joe Bunch, Anile Locust, Woodrow Proctor and Roxana Wilden

Assistant Chief Candidates: 

Jimmy Thirsty Sr., Jamie Thompson and Jeff Wacoche

Secretary Candidates: 

Joyce Fourkiller, Teresa Hair, Ronny Livers and Charlotte Wolfe

Treasurer Candidates:
Marlene Ballard, Sonja Gourd and James Walters

Canadian District - No Race - Eddie Sacks

Flint District - No Race - Frankie Still

Saline District - No Race - Charles Smoke

Coweescoowee District Candidates:
Cliff Wofford and Jeannie Tidwell

Delaware District Candidates:

Caleb Grimmett and Archie Buzzard

Goingsnake District Candidates

Sharon Benoit and William Christie

Illinois District Candidates

Peggy Girty and Leroy Hicks

Sequoyah District Candidates

Junior Catron, Joey Duvall and Maudeen Vann

Tahlequah District Candidates:

Sammy Allen and Alvin Hicks

2020 Poll Workers Needed!

The UKB Election Board​ is in need of 20 individuals to work our polling sites on Election Day, November 2, 2020 from 6:45 a.m. to 7 p.m. Other duties include signing in voters and sanitizing machines after each use.

Compensation will be provided. Must be an EXCLUSIVE UKB member that is at least 21 years of age. Training will be provided at the UKB Wellness Center at a date TBD.


Applications can be downloaded and pre-filled to take with you the day of interviews by clicking the seal. Those that cannot download and pre-fill will have applications made available to them the day of interviews. For more information, contact Brenda Smith at 918-871-2769 or Tanisa Foreman at 918-871-2849.

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