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Election Board

The UKB Election Board​ is an independent and autonomous agency of the United Keetoowah Band. It is comprised of five Keetoowah tribal members that are selected to uphold the integrity of the tribe and assure that candidates adhere to the 2022 UKB Election Ordinance. 

The UKB Tribal Council shall, by resolution, approve three individuals to serve on the Election Board. The three approved members of the Board shall submit for Council approval the names of at least two additional individuals to serve alongside them.


The board is funded by Council each election year in an amount sufficient to fulfill its duties under the 2022 Election Ordinance. The board possesses the duties and powers hereinafter mentioned, and shall conduct all elections in compliance with the 2022 Election Ordinance and in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma.

In 2022, all nine district representative seats are up for election. The four officer positions will be up for re-election in 2024.


Brenda Smith

"I see working on the UKB Election Board as a challenge to do the best for all tribal members. This will be my second election and to me, the most important. Council is the voice of our members."

Marcella Foreman

"It has always been my passion to be able to help others in any way, shape or form. God still has me here for a reason and he knows how much I love doing for others. Thank you for letting me serve."

Tanisa Foreman

"I like working for my tribe and learning all that I can about our past and present. I want to thank everyone for letting me serve on the Election Board."

Board Member
Albert Shade

"I take great pride in being a part of something that is working to move the tribe forward."  Albert is also a UKB Tradition Keeper and is proud to help pass on the culture.

"It's been an honor to serve since 2020. I enjoy serving, as it gives me the opportunity to give back to the tribe. I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and put my knowledge and skills to work."

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219A1201 copy.png
219A1206 copy.png
219A1195 copy.png

Board Member
Wyanetta Springwater

2022 Election Ordinance

The UKB Election Board​ have, with the help of Attorney General Klint Cowan, updated the 2012 Election Ordinance, now known as the 2022 UKB Election Ordinance. Please click to download the ordinance in its entirety.

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