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Historic Preservation Office

18627 W. Keetoowah Circle Tahlequah, OK 74464

The UKB Historic Preservation Office operates a variety of programs underneath its umbrella including heritage paraprofessional training, the UKB Youth Conservation Corps and TCNS site reviews. We work and manage sites both locally in Oklahoma and across the United States.

Roger Cain is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (TPHO) for the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma.

For more information, email Roger Cain at or call 918-871-2826.

Through support from National Forest Foundation (NFF), CNF has hosted youth & young adults of the UKB Tribe for 4-weeks over three years. R9 has hosted the UKB in a similar 4-week program over multiple years on the SNF. Both programs have had their challenges: unstable/last-minute funding, position vacancies, lack of workforce development program delivery/support, short timelines for recruitment, confusion on partnership goals, etc. R8 & R9 have collaborated with the UKB to renew, revitalize, & simplify our overall USFS partnership with the UKB to be a bi-regional workforce development program aligned with the IYSC initiative. This program would support an 8-person crew model of young adults in two 4-week sessions on two national forests across two regions allowing opportunity for participation in one or both programs. For both forests, UKB participants will be engaged across resource areas in meaningful projects on Tribal, USFS-managed ancestral lands, & the Trail of Tears (TOT).


 A Heritage Paraprofessional is an individual who has completed established Forest Service training and certification program in methods and techniques of archaeology and historic preservation utilized with the USDA Forest Service. Becoming a Heritage Paraprofessional puts you on the frontline to protecting United Keetoowah Band’s cultural resources. 


 Tower Construction Notification allows companies to voluntarily submit notifications of proposed tower constructions to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). This works to increase communication between companies that submit notices and the UKB so that we can respond directly to the companies if we have concerns about a proposed construction affecting our cultural interest. The review is required under the National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106. Section 106 regulations place emphasis on consultation with Indian Tribes about undertakings when they may affect historic properties to which a tribe attaches religious or cultural significance. 


 The UKB Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is a summer employment program for our UKB youth between the ages of 17 to 20 years of age. The purpose of the YCC program is to accomplish conservation work on United States Forest Service (USFS) land. It gives our youth the opportunity to work with the USFS in natural resources and environmental projects. 

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