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Tribal Directory

Listed below is a directory for all offices at the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. These numbers will put you through to the first point of contact for each department. Please be aware that these are not direct numbers to program directors. You can be transferred to a director from the number listed for each department if needed. Wado for your interest!

Main Number: 918-871-2800

Accounting: 918-871-2800

Childcare and Development: 918-871-2799

Corporate Board Superior Funding: 918-871-2775

Education: 918-871-2789

Elder Center: 918-871-2860

Election Board: 918-871-2837

Enrollment 918-871-2797

Environmental: 918-871-2825

Housing: 918-871-2773

Historic Preservation: 918-871-2825

Human Resources: 918-871-2800

Human Services: 918-871-2800

Indian Child Welfare: 1-800-794-6514

Lighthorse Police: 918-871-2811

John Hair Cultural Center and Museum: 918-871-2866

Keetoowah Honor Guard: 539-777-3270

Maintenance: 918-871-2798

Media and Public Relations: 918-871-2843

Realty: 918-871-2800

Sallisaw Sub Office: 918-871-2779

Tag Office: 918-871-2770

Transit/Roads/Construction: 1-888-866-6705

Tribal Court: 918-871-2800 

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