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Health and Human Services

18300 W. Keetoowah Circle Tahlequah, OK 74464

The UKB Health and Human Services Department assists Keetoowah members with various needs including emergency rental payments, emergency utility payments, utility deposits and medical transportation costs. The department also administers the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, to help with heating in winter and cooling in summer. Many of its programs require applicants to meet certain income eligibility requirements and services are subject to change.

Per the UKB Tribal Council, members that face an electricity or utility cutoff must notify HHS three days before a suspension in services is set to take place. This time will allow the department time to process payment for eligible tribal members to avoid an interruption in services.

The Health and Human Services Department is managed by Interim Director Ronnie Livers. For general information or to inquire about program assistance, please call 918-871-2800.

Application & Guidelines | Health Discrimination Portal

ALL programs require a completed application. 


Service Assistance

This application is for most HHS services, including LIHEAP.  Emergency rental has its own app.

Fire Wood

LIHEAP Guidelines

These are the Income guidelines if you are seeking LIHEAP assistance for heating or cooling.

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Emergency Rental Assistance

Please complete both the assistance app and the W9. W9 is here

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UKB Health Discrimination Portal

Council-approved portal to submit health discrimination incidents at CNO facilities 

Low Income Home Energy Assistance LIHEAP

Winter Heating Program: Oct. 1-March 31
Assists members with buying wood, pellets, propane, natural gas and stoves to stay warm during colder months.

Summer Cooling Program: April 1-Sept. 30 | Assists members with electric bills and window units for elders.

Health Services

This program can assist members with a variety of needs related to healthcare. These needs can include:

  • Eye glasses/Contacts

  • Fuel vouchers for doctor visits

  • Lodging for medical emergencies

  • Medication assistance

  • Payment with medical services including hospital stays, ambulance rides and appointments

  • Insurance co-pay

  • Select medical equipment

Burial Assistance

The United Keetoowah Band wants to be a source of comfort during a family's most difficult time.


This program can assist members with up to $3,000 for funeral services or cremation costs. Please call for a list of approved funeral homes we partner with and income guidelines for this program.

Family Violence Prevention Services

This program can assist tribal members and members of the public with any instances of family or domestic violence. Services include advocacy, safety planning, financial assistance for relocation or payment of deposits for housing. Staff also provides assistance with protective order assistance and court accompaniment. 

This program can assist members in two ways. If a member is homeless, the program will pay for a weekly hotel stay, with the agreement that the member is actively searching for housing/employment. If a member is a new renter, we can assist with a security deposit and up to three months of rent. If you are a current renter, we can assist with up to three months of rent. Assistance is subject to income guideline requirements and limited to exclusive Keetoowahs. Exceptions to this rule for members of other tribes requires showing proof of denial from their tribe. This program does not assist with Rent to Own situations.

Emergency Rental Assistance

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