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John Hair Cultural Center and KeetoowahMuseum

18280 W. Keetoowah Circle Tahlequah, OK 74464

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Volunteers Needed!

We're now accepting applications for volunteers! Assist with cultural activities, outreach, and special projects and earn credit hours for field trips, cultural classes, and prizes.

Applications will be accepted throughout the months of February and March. Orientation will be held on April 5 at 10:00 a.m. in the museum classroom. Applications are also posted on our website and can be picked up at the museum or main lobby in the UKB Tribal Services Building.

For more information, contact Barbara Girty Foster at 918-871-2794.

Click below for an application!

Attention Keetoowah Artisans:
To sell artwork in the museum, artisans must book an appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday by calling 918-871-2866.

The John Hair Cultural Center and Keetoowah Museum is the central holding place for all history and cultural objects for the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. Visitors will find permanent and temporary exhibits within the building, as well as a gift shop with authentic, handmade Keetoowah items. The 1949 Keetoowah Base Roll is also on display for visitors to the museum who wish to trace their family names. The JHCCM is managed by Director Ernestine Berry. For museum inquiries related to exhibits, cultural items or the gift shop, call 918-871-2866.

Tradition Keepers

Since 2005, the John Hair Cultural Center and Museum has also awarded the prestigious title of "Tradition Keeper" to outstanding Keetoowah members. From soapstone carvers to basket weavers and traditional dress makers, there is no shortage of cultural and creative talent for the Keetoowahs.


Many of our members are preserving our culture through ​making their art into something that can be shared and passed down to future generations.

UKB Tradition Keepers are chosen from among a group of outstanding artists, artisans, linguists, historians, and other traditional culture keepers. The Tradition Keepers not only practice their arts and crafts, but also share their knowledge through teaching others.

Below is a full list of tribal members who have been awarded this honor.

Soapstone art by Tradition Keeper Matt Girty 

2005 - Cindy Hair, Basket Maker

2006 -Marie Proctor, Basket Maker

2006 - Danny McCarter, Blowgun Making

2007 - Nellie Hunt, Public Service

2007 - Mack Vann, Bow Maker

2008 - Russell VanBuskirk, Wood/Antler Carving

2010 - Sammy Still, Traditional Marble Maker

2011 - Leona Bendabout, Clothing Maker

2011 - Albert Shade, Bow Maker

2012 - Joan Foreman, Beadwork

2012 - Jim Buckhorn, Bow Maker

2013 - Dorothy Ice, Weaver

2013 - Issac Goodrich, Traditional Art

2014 - Elizabeth Wolfe, Beadwork

2014 - Sequoyah Guess, Storytelling

2015 - Della Wolfe, Cherokee Language
2015- Kenneth Foster, Foods/Carving

2016 - Matt Girty, Stone Carving

2016 - Ernestine Berry, History

2017 - Carrie Grayson, Crafts

2017 - Sharon Proctor, Basket Maker

2018 - Clara Proctor, Cherokee Language

2018 - Richard Shade, Bow Maker

2019 - Lila Killer, Traditional Apparel/Design

2019 - Marcella Foreman, Beadwork/Basketry

2020 - Janelle Adair, Storytelling

2020- Ronny Livers - Cherokee Language

2021 - Tanisa Foreman, Baskets/Beadwork

2021 - Sharon Benoit, Clothing

2022 - Char Wolfe, Traditional Arts
2022- Michelle Downing, Turtle Shackles/Rattles

2023- John Chewey, Cherokee Language

2023- Lena Deere, Traditional Apparel

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