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The Giduwa Cherokee News is the only official news source for the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. It is a quarterly newspaper with sections covering the tribe including council, cultural, business and community news. We publish in January, April, July and October.


The Giduwa Cherokee News is free to tribal members and is managed by Keetoowah Editor Brittney Bennett. For news tips/story ideas, please call 918-871-2756 or email

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This quarter we're getting our tribal members informed about the upcoming UKB Tribal Council Election on Nov. 2, as well as highlighting the first Keetoowah-certified foster home. We also sit down with tribal member Schon Duncan to discuss his work on the new animated Cherokee series "Inage'i." For these stories and more, click the icon!

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UKB Tribal Council Election 2020 


Tribal business and money ventures 

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Student features and scholarship info

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Keetoowah healthcare and info

Keetoowahs and their talents

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Keetoowah government 

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