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The UKB Education Program provides scholarship opportunities and academic resources to exclusive Keetoowahs in grades K-12, college and vocational school. While scholarships are currently on hold, the Keetoowah Education Center is still open to tribal members and features a computer lab and library free of charge. 

Those interested in receiving monetary educational assistance are still encouraged to fill out an application should funds become available. Should funds arise, they will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. 

The UKB Education Program is managed by Interim Director Susan Adair. For more information, call 918-871-2788.

The department is once more taking applications from members for vocational and college financial assistance. Please download the forms below and return it to Education.

Fees/Licensing education assistance

This application is for students that need assistance for  the ACT, SAT or GED, or those in short term programs.

College education assistance

This application is for students who are seeking funding for a college degree at a higher education institution. 

Vocational education assistance

This application is for students who are seeking funding for a vocational program such as welding or LPN.

Mandatory W-9 Form 

This form is required to be filled out and completed by all students requesting education assistance funding.

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