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18300 W. Keetoowah Circle Tahlequah, OK 74464

The Keetoowah Housing Department ​assists Keetoowahs with a variety of housing services including mortgage and rental assistance, rehabilitation assistance and storm shelter assistance. Additionally, the department is responsible for implementing the UKB Elder Home Project, which builds small cottage-like homes for Keetoowah elders. Programs are based upon availability of funds and by meeting specified program guidelines, such as income restrictions.

The department is currently not accepting any additional rehabilitation applications at this time. Please check back for updates.

The UKB Housing Department's services are subject to change without notice. For more information or to inquire about a specific program, call 918-871-2773.

Please Call

Housing Application

We are working on updating our application documents. Please call us at 918-871-2773 to inquire about programs and receive an application.

Housing Bids!

The United Keetoowah Band Housing Department (UKBHD) is soliciting bid from contractors for the home rehabilitation program. Bid can be emailed to no’ or  Bid will be date and time stamped once received. Bidders are urged to inspect the site where services are to be performed and to satisfy themselves as to all general and local conditions that may affect the cost of performance of the contract to the extent such information is reasonably obtainable. 

Call for Contractors!

The United Keetoowah Band Housing Department (UKBHD) is seeking Contractors/Vendors for the UKB Home Rehabilitation Program. To become a contractor, please download the application and return to no’ or, Questions can be answered by calling 918-871-2773. The department is looking forward to working with all qualified companies!

Rental/Mortgage Assistance

This program can assist eligible members with rent payment, security deposits, past due rent and past due mortgage. Assistance is limited to once within a 12-month period except in documented disasters. Exclusive UKB preference applies. Once all UKB members have been served, members of other tribes will be assisted.

Storm Shelter Assistance

This program can assist members with up to $3,000 towards the cost of a storm shelter. Applicants must own their home and use it as their primary residence to be eligible. Mobile home owners must own both the home and land. Exclusive UKB preference applies. Once all UKB members have been served, members of other tribes will be assisted.

Down Payment Assistance

The program assists low-income, credit worthy members in becoming first-time homeowners. Funds can be used for a down payment or closing costs. Program is for exclusive UKB members only and applicants must meet the tribe's set income guidelines.

College Student Rental Assistance

UKB Housing will only be accepting College Housing Applications as follows: 
OPEN: January 22, 2024
CLOSE: January 31, 2024
The deadline dates will be posted per semester. Once the deadline date approaches, the application that is posted online at that time, will be deleted until the next semester.

Rehab/Emergency Repairs Assistance

The Rehab program can assist eligible members with the cost of repairs unless costs exceed the value of the home. Members must have homeowner's insurance. The Emergency Repairs program can provide up to $5,000 towards the cost of emergency repairs upon verification a citizen's mortgage is not in arrears. Repairs can include but are not limited to electrical, plumbing, roof and water leaks.  Exclusive UKB preference applies. Once all UKB members have been served, members of other tribes will be assisted.

Elder Home Project

This pilot program is designed for elders that are 62+ older and exclusive UKB members only. Its goal is to provide low-income elders with small, cottage-like homes between 500-1,000 square feet. Applicants presently must occupy, as his/her principal residence, real estate that does not meet the definition of a standard home.

Indian Housing Block Grant American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Report

The two reports are posted for transparency to the public. Wado!

EPIC APR Report FY 2021

To make comments or suggestions please email with the subject line EPIC APR.

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