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COVID-19 Alert: Housing is currently open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. through August 1. Our lobby will remain closed to the public for these services. This department is open for all services, but prioritizing emergencies that immediately threaten the health and well-being of tribal members. To receive assistance, please contact the following Housing employees: Nanci McCause at 918-207-5220, Charles Deason at 918-822-1941, Tishaleta Guevara at 918-822-0568 or Richard Vann at 918-457-7075.


The Keetoowah Housing Department ​assists Keetoowahs with a variety of housing services including mortgage and rental assistance, rehabilitation assistance and storm shelter assistance. Additionally, the department is responsible for implementing the UKB Elder Home Project, which builds small cottage-like homes for Keetoowah elders. Programs are based upon availability of funds and by meeting specified program guidelines, such as income restrictions.

The UKB Housing Department is managed by Housing Director Nanci McCause. Services are subject to change without notice. For more information or to inquire about a specific program, call 918-871-2800.

Housing Application

Please download this form for UKB Housing Assistance, including for the Elder Cottage Program and Rehab Services.

Mortgage | Rental Assistance

Please download this form for requirements for UKB Rental and Mortgage Assistance.


The program assists low-income, credit worthy members in becoming first-time homeowners. Funds can be used for a down payment or closing costs. Program is for exclusive UKB members only.


This program can assist members with up to $2,000 per semester towards housing costs only. Must be a full-time student with 12 or more semester hours to be eligible. Payment will be made directly to the college/university in a lump sum. If living off campus, payment will be made directly to the landlord. Spring 2020 funding applications will be taken from December 23, 2019 to January 13, 2020. Exclusive UKB preference applies. Once all UKB members have been served, members of other tribes will be assisted as funding allows.


This program can assist members with up to $3,000 towards the cost of a storm shelter. Applicants must own their home and use it as their primary residence to be eligible. Mobile home owners must own both the home and land. Exclusive UKB preference applies. Once all UKB members have been served, members of other tribes will be assisted.


This program can assist eligible members with rent payment, security deposits, past due rent and past due mortgage. Assistance is limited to once within a 12-month period except in documented disasters. Exclusive UKB preference applies. Once all UKB members have been served, members of other tribes will be assisted.


  • The Rehab program can assist eligible members with the cost of repairs unless costs exceed the value of the home. Members must have homeowner's insurance.

  • The Emergency Repairs program can provide up to $5,000 towards the cost of emergency repairs upon verification a citizen's mortgage is not in arrears. Repairs can include but are not limited to electrical, plumbing, roof and water leaks.  Exclusive UKB preference applies. Once all UKB members have been served, members of other tribes will be assisted.


This pilot program is designed for elders that are 62+ older and exclusive UKB members only. Its goal is to provide low-income elders with small, cottage-like homes between 500-1,000 square feet. Applicants presently must occupy, as his/her principal residence, real estate that does not meet the definition of a standard home.

Current Housing Bids

The United Keetoowah Band Housing Department (UKBHD) is soliciting bids from qualified contractors for the home rehabilitation program.  Bids are due no later than 4:30 PM on 7/08/2020.  Bids can be: 1) mailed to UKB Housing Department, Attn: Sonja Gourd, PO Box 746, Tahlequah, OK 74465; 2) hand delivered to 18263 West Keetoowah Circle, Tahlequah, OK 74464; or 3) emailed to sgourd@ukb-nsn.gov.  Bids will be date and time stamped once received.


Bidders are urged to inspect the site where services are to be performed and to satisfy themselves as to all general and local conditions that may affect the cost of performance of the contract to the extent such information is reasonably obtainable.  In no event will a failure to inspect the site constitute grounds for withdrawal of a bid after opening or constitute grounds for a claim after contract award.


The UKBHD intends to award to the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder whose bid does not exceed the amount of funds the Housing Department determines to be available for the project, a fixed price contract furnishing all materials, equipment, labor and supervision required for completion of the work set out in this solicitation and contract documents.


All contractors must be able to be insured.  Before a contract is signed, a certificate of liability insurance (no less than $500,000), automobile insurance (no less than $500,000), and worker’s compensation insurance may be required to be provided to the UKBHD.  Contracts shall not be awarded to debarred, suspended, or ineligible contractors.  Contractors must comply with the Davis-Bacon Act (40 USC 276a to 276a-7) and must comply with the Copeland “Anti-Kickback” Act (18 USC 874) as supplemented in Department of Labor regulations (29 CFR part 3).


The UKBHD reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive informalities or irregularities in any bid, solicit new bids, or proceed to do the work by other means as may be determined in the best interest of the United Keetoowah Band Housing Department.


The UKBHD shall apply Indian preference when applicable to the greatest extent feasible to all procurement activities of the Housing Department as well as preference and opportunities for training and employment to the greatest extent feasible.  UKBHD shall give preference in procurement activities consistent with the requirements of section 7(b) of the Indian Self-Determination and Education

Assistance Act (25 U.S.C. 450e (b), when applicable.


For more information, you may contact Sonja Gourd, Procurement & Contract Specialist, at 918-871-2751.

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