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#ICYMI - UKB CHief Attends EBCI Language Center Ceremony

Updated: 7 days ago

By Troy Littledeer

@troylittledeer | UKB Media

CHEROKEE, N.C. – United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma Chief Joe Bunch celebrated with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians when they held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 16 to celebrate the Cherokee Speakers Place (kalvgviditsa tsalagi aniwonisgi tsunatsohisdihi), located adjacent to the New Kituwah Academy in Cherokee, N.C.


“I know that language revitalization is something that hasn’t come easy. There’s been a lot of minds, there’s been a lot of creativity,” Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Principal Chief Michell Hicks said. “I just want to thank the planning committee, all the speakers, all the second language speakers, and even the little guys for participating today and being part of this part of our history. Each administration has a responsibility, and I want to thank the prior administration, Chief Sneed, for the work they did prior to that.”


The state-of-the-art, 8,320-square-foot building is the new home for speaker’s gatherings, speaker’s council meetings, and Cherokee tribal speaker’s consortium meetings. It will also house two adult language classrooms, offices for translators and an archivist, and a resource library.


“It’s amazing. It’s amazing what you’re doing here. It’s a blessing, no doubt about it, because we share the same story,” United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians Principal Chief Joe Bunch said. “Not only our language, but our culture also... We share the same story about how we’re losing our language. I’m here to help in any way I can.”


According to Cherokee One Feather News, EBCI Planning reported the total construction cost for the building project was $10 million.

Photo cutline: Chief Joe Bunch attended EBCI Cherokee Speakers Place ribbon cutting ceremony in Cherokee, NC. Photos courtesy of Scot McKie/THE CHEROKEE ONE FEATHER



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