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  • Lani Hansen

Education approves Internet Payment Assistance for Keetoowah students

TAHLEQUAH - The UKB Education Department has approved an Internet Payment Assistance Program for households with exclusive Keetoowah children whose school district has moved to attendance via distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This is a new, developing program and will be modified as needed. Our children’s educational needs are a priority and Human Services will work diligently to ensure each application is processed and assistance provided quickly," said Jennifer Cole-Robinson, Human Services director.

There are no income guidelines for the program, though students must be exclusive Keetoowahs that live in the nine-district UKB service area.

For families that currently have internet access, UKB Education will provide payment for their internet bill until December 2020. If the family currently has internet and cable bundled through a service provider, a detailed bill showing the cost of internet only will need to be provided for payment. The tribe will not cover cable costs.

If the home does not currently have internet access, UKB Education will pay for internet installation and the bill until December 2020.

If the family lives in an area where no internet service providers are available, UKB Education will provide families with a hotspot and pay for hotspot internet refills until December 2020.

Families will be responsible for submitting the internet bill monthly and before due date for prompt payment.

Applications will be available and processed through UKB Human Services. To obtain an application, contact the UKB mainline at 918-871-2800 and ask for Human Services or send an email to

Families must provide documentation of the school district in which the child is enrolled in distance learning for program approval.

Payment assistance will end in December 2020 unless Congress extends the CARES Act Funding deadline.



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