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Jones Graduates CLEET ACADEMY

Updated: 7 days ago

By Troy Littledeer, UKB Media | @troylittledeer

TAHLEQUAH, OK. — The UKB Lighthorse is adding a new officer to the force. Jennica Jones became the latest CLEET-certified graduate to join the Keetoowah Police.

“After I met with some Lighthorse officers one day, I just said, ‘I wanted to become a Lighthorse Officer.’" Jones said. “I started out as an unarmed security officer, then shortly after I went and completed armed security requirements.”

Jones was able to attend the CLEET Reserve Academy shortly after she was given the opportunity to work for UKB Lighthorse as an armed security officer. Within a short time after that, she was given another opportunity to become a full-time CLEET-certified UKB Lighthorse officer.

“None of this was possible without all the love and support from my family, friends, and fellow officers,” Jones said.

Jones is the first UKB member as well as the first UKB woman to graduate from the CLEET Academy.

UKB Lighthorse Police serves the tribe, its properties, and its communities across 14 counties.

CUTLINE: Picture, left to right: Jarrod Brown, officer, Jennica Jones, officer, Charlie Dreadfulwater, LH Director, Eric Cope, officer, courtesy photo.



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