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UKB Election Board releases unofficial candidate list



TAHLEQUAH – The Election Board for the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians has released an unofficial list of 16 candidates for November’s Tribal Council Election.

“The Board shall make available to the public the official list of candidates as eligible after the conclusion of any appeals,” said Norma Jimerson, UKB Election Board chairwoman. “We have been extremely busy with background checks, as well as being on the road checking on the candidate’s residence to be represented in their districts and checking on being an exclusive UKB member.”

In the Canadian, Flint, Illinois and Saline Districts, respective incumbents Eddie Sacks, Frankie Still, Peggy Girty and Charles Smoke were unopposed and will be elected to another two-year term for Tribal Council in November, pending any official changes.

In the Cooweescoowee District, incumbent Clifford Wofford will run against candidate Ramona Ukestine pending any official changes. To cast their vote, members must report to the Emmanuel Baptist Church located at 828 S. Muskogee Ave. in Claremore.

In the Delaware District, incumbent Adalene Smith will run against Jerry Hansen pending any official changes. To cast their vote, members must report to the Delaware County Library located at 102 N. Fifth St. in Jay.

In the Goingsnake District, incumbent William Christie will run against Sharon Benoit pending any official changes. Members have two polling locations they can visit to cast their vote. The first location is Maryetta Public School located at 100 Maryetta Road in Stilwell. The second location is the UKB Kansas Satellite Office, located in a brick building behind Speedy’s Gas Station.

In the Sequoyah District, incumbent Mary Duvall will run against Barry Dotson pending any official changes. To cast their vote, members must report to the UKB Sallisaw Satellite Office located at 3750 W. Cherokee Ave. in Sallisaw.

Pending any changes in the Tahlequah District, incumbent Teresa Webber will run against a field of three candidates in Donald Adair, Mary Girty and Jeffery Wacoche. To cast their vote, members must report to the UKB Wellness Center located at 18529 W. Keetoowah Circle in Tahlequah.

Voting day will take place on November 5 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If there is a runoff, voting will take place on December 3.

“It’s a democracy, a privilege to have a voice with your opinion in running of your government,” said Jimerson. “Win, lose or draw you have an opinion. Every vote counts in every district even if it’s a few votes. It’s a choice between the winner or loser, that’s why it is very important to get out and vote.”

There is no specified time frame that candidates can begin campaigning once approved.

For more information, contact the UKB Election Board at 918- 871-2837.



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